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About Bhakti Akshay - Interior Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Coach

I am a Civil Engineer. But I choose Interior Designing As my Career, as I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I wanted to pursue a career wherein, I meet New Clientele, Design Renovate Residential & Commercial Spaces. I wanted Freedom, Flexibility & Financial Independence. I am a practicing Interior Designer & I prefer Turn Key Projects, as it gives me a Clear Canvas of Opportunities to Design & Execute a project, with playing me with jugglery or bargaining & setting my budgeting with respect of material selection, etc.


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As a practicing Interior Designer, I specialize in Turn Key Projects, providing me with a clear canvas of opportunities to design and execute projects without compromising on creativity or budget constraints. This approach allows me to meet new clientele and renovate both residential and commercial spaces, fulfilling my vision for a dynamic and fulfilling career.

What makes my journey truly rewarding is the ability to support the livelihoods of numerous skilled and unskilled professionals, contractors, and laborers. By providing them with a firm source of income, I contribute to the growth and well-being of my fellow countrymen. I am proud to champion the Make in India concept by actively promoting and utilizing locally sourced materials that rival imported products in quality and craftsmanship.

Since 2013, I have worn the hat of an Interior Designing Coach, driven by my belief in the power of teaching. To date, I have successfully coached and mentored 173 students, with 121 of them blossoming into practicing Interior Designers and entrepreneurs. An additional 35 have found success as full-time Interior Designers in prestigious firms, while 17 are currently on sabbatical.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted a shift to online coaching, aligning with my commitment to self-employment and supporting skilled and unskilled masses. I am on a mission to empower and build a community of one million Interior Designers,
guiding them towards personal transformation and breakthroughs. My goal is to inspire millions of individuals and professionals to elevate their careers, creating vibrant, cheerful changes in the world by redefining spaces. Simultaneously, I aim to provide a
stable source of livelihood for millions of laborers and contractors.

Join me on this transformative journey as we redefine spaces, careers, and lives. 
Together, let's create a world that reflects beauty, functionality, and positive change.




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